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All about trish

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Okay.. I'm TRISH here's the oh-so called "BLURBS"..
I'm a princess... [everybody can be] not in my dream but in my real life. I am my own princess.. my family consider me as a princess in their hearts♥️♥️♥️ I may be a stranger for most of the people on the top of the Earth. I may be your friend to be your inspiration, crying shoulder and maybe your sister. I may be the greatest mistake in your life for some reasons. I may be a simple person that can mold you into a better person. I may be a looser that turns into a fighter. Whatever I might be... always remember that princess, stranger, friend, your greatest mistake, simple person, looser or even fighter && etc. is God's creature name Trisha Janine Smile She wants to prove something to everyone, to impress... but does she never forget to show something for herself? a thing or some things that she'll know herself more!^^
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